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I don't know why I didn't notice until yesterday that if we were going to pick up our rental car on a Saturday morning, we could just do it at Orly airport (to avoid driving in downtown Paris) and then go over to Vaux-le-Vicomte to see the fountains in the afternoon and the candlelight evening later the same day.

Meanwhile, I have managed to slice my arm open just above the wrist on the hard edge of a plastic cat litter box. I've put on lots of antibiotic cream (I mean, what's less sanitary than a cat litter box) and a bandage since the slice is way too long for a bandaid. I just hope no one thinks I was trying to slash my wrist! Neat trick, too, to take care of a wound on one's right wrist when one is not left handed.
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I've discovered there's a hotel actually within the grounds of the abbey of Fontevraud (the tombs Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard the Lionhearted, and the latter's pretty much neglected wife Berengaria of Navarre are all in the chapel there). I don't recall that hotel from when [Unknown site tag] and I visited the abbey back in the fall of 1993. As many times as Steve and I have viewed Lion in Winter, I feel we ought to spend at least one night at the abbey hotel.

Another instance of cat silliness taking place over to my right even as I type. We have one of those electric water fountains for the cats so their water will stay fresh. Mist love to stand on the top of the apparatus so she can bend her head down to lap up the water coming out just below her. But she has her rabies tag and an ID tag affixed to her collar, and of course they are heavy. So these metal tags always hang straight down when she bends down to try to lap up the water, and they deflect the stream of water away from her. This means everytime she bends down get a drink of the water, it moves away from her. Poor, frustrated kitty!

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