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We have acquired an inflatable hot tub that will hold up to four people and put it up on our deck. [This is a first step while we decide if we really want to spend big bucks for a "real" hot tub a couple years from now or not.] We filled it with water on Wednesday, then turned the heat on through about noon or so yesterday. The intent was to try it out this evening after work and other commitments early in the evening.

Last night there as a heavy rain storm, which meant we woke up to find a lake on top of the hot tub cover that was 6-7" deep in some places. I've found the easiest way for me to get the water off is to use a plastic dust pan to shove it off, and since we are to have thunderstorms all day today, I will be putting my raincoat on and repeating the process every couple of hours today. Tomorrow we will go to Home Depot and buy a small (8' square) pop up canopy that will fit over the hot tub with enough room to spare that most of the rain will be blocked and run off the canopy OUTSIDE the edge of the hot tub, but be small enough not to block easy passage past it to the other end of the deck. And I am not going to get into an outdoor hot tub if there are any thunderstorms in the area, thank you very much.

I've just realized that given the weather this past winter in parts of California, even the heavy rain storms can be considered "California" lifestyle! :)
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