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We had been using the hot tub as way to relax at the end of the day, but were often unable to use it at that time because of low evening temperatures and thunder storms.

But late last week, true summery temperatures for our region finally arrived: daytime temps in the very high 80's and the low 90's, and thus we have discovered a whole new way to enjoy the hot tub in the late afternoon when the temps are the highest: turn off the heater so the water temp drops a degree or two and turn on the bubbles. In such warm weather, the tub now feels cool, refreshing, and energizing (rather than warm and relaxing).
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We have not used the hot tub in two weeks because of the unusually low air temperatures and frequent rain (including thunderstorms). Experience has already shown us that unless the air temperature is very close to 80 (or better) we both get chills when we get out of the hot tub.

Also, we discovered 95 or 96 is better water temp for us then even 92. Tuesday we turned the heat on again, and by last night it was 91. Now it is only 95 (and maybe that is what it is set for), but I lifted the edge of the cover and it feels colder than 95 to me (or at least significantly colder than the last time we used it when it was supposedly also at 95). I'm not eager to get into a hot tub that isn't at least warm.

But the cats do enjoy sleeping on top of it when the cover is on! I don't know if that makes it worth having bought the thing or not.
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We have acquired an inflatable hot tub that will hold up to four people and put it up on our deck. [This is a first step while we decide if we really want to spend big bucks for a "real" hot tub a couple years from now or not.] We filled it with water on Wednesday, then turned the heat on through about noon or so yesterday. The intent was to try it out this evening after work and other commitments early in the evening.

Last night there as a heavy rain storm, which meant we woke up to find a lake on top of the hot tub cover that was 6-7" deep in some places. I've found the easiest way for me to get the water off is to use a plastic dust pan to shove it off, and since we are to have thunderstorms all day today, I will be putting my raincoat on and repeating the process every couple of hours today. Tomorrow we will go to Home Depot and buy a small (8' square) pop up canopy that will fit over the hot tub with enough room to spare that most of the rain will be blocked and run off the canopy OUTSIDE the edge of the hot tub, but be small enough not to block easy passage past it to the other end of the deck. And I am not going to get into an outdoor hot tub if there are any thunderstorms in the area, thank you very much.

I've just realized that given the weather this past winter in parts of California, even the heavy rain storms can be considered "California" lifestyle! :)


Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 10:25 am
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I spotted a bunny in the back yard this morning--a big one, just hopping along minding its own business while enjoying some fresh, new grass blades. One of our cats saw it too and immediately went into "watchful lion" mode, twitching tail and all. I told her to forget it. The bunny was as big and plump as she is, and I'm sure its back legs are quite strong. She set off anyway, and the bunny hopped over into neighbor's yard (where it will probably encounter their cocker spaniel). Cat decided to sleep on the deck in the warm sunshine instead. Good cat.

I'm Here!

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 09:00 am
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Still not totally sure I've done this correctly, but I'll fiddle with the settings later.

For one thing, I have no idea how to bring anything here from FB. I don't really care about the old posts, but I think it would be handy not to have re-do all the names I was following over there.

Moving day, I think

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 08:32 am
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I am moving to Dreamwidth, with the username of maryosmanski. I will be cancelling my account here at LJ as soon as I can be sure I haven't somehow done the joining and setting up wrong over at DW.

It seems to sort of be right.

Not cancelling here yet. I want to find out how I can transfer (is the right word "mirror"?) my profile from here to over there.

Gonna be a while. I know how to do it now, but apparently I got my LJ password wrong too many times, and so now the very easy method will not work because I have been "banned" from logging into LJ for a while. I can still automatically log in here with my browser, but I cannot log in to LJ from the DW importing wizard. Blehhhhh.
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Yesterday evening, Steve and I were chaperons at the very first Career Magnet School Prom. The theme was 1930's Hollywood, and we tried to dress the part!

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Some photos for those friends who aren't on FB.
The front porch after a little shoveling

Front of the house January 24, 2016

Front of the house exactly six months ago, July 24, 2015

Birthday party!

Saturday, December 26th, 2015 08:23 pm
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For the first time in many years, I had a birthday party (arranged by Steve, my husband). It was a day late because it is probably not going to work very well if you ask people to come to a birthday party on Dec. 25.

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We were shopping for some new furniture today and I happened to see the chest pictured below with the butterflies (and some words in French) painted on the drawers. The second photo is of the fabric I bought in July to sew the valances for the windows in the new bedroom. I really think I do have to buy the chest to sit against the wall opposite those windows with their valances.

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For those who didn't see the new exterior shots elsewhere. 1) front view 2) side view showing new deck 3) back view showing the new addition.

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First, the new laundry room. Next, the living room stripped to the bare walls, etc. Last, a good bye to the wall between the living room and the dining room which is being taken out even as I type this.

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Three photos. First, the bathroom we saw in a photo on line and decided to emulate. Next, what we ended up with. Finally, a photo of the double vanity in our new master bathroom

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Today the back wall of the dining room was removed (and the sliding glass door turned 90 degrees so it will exit onto a deck). This joins the addition to the original house.
The photos 1 and 2 are from the dining room looking back toward the master bedroom, and the third is the reverse of those. The fourth photo is looking into the laundry/mudroom.
Of course, it is still under construction, since the floors, the windows, and the ceilings are not done, and there is more insulation to go into the ceilings. But it looks and feels so much more like a "whole house" now instead of just sections of one.

Two more photos

Thursday, April 30th, 2015 02:54 pm
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Or rather, one photo from this morning that shows how the new porch will completely change the look of the front of the house, and a graphic that shows the colors we've picked for the exterior.

Yet another update

Monday, April 27th, 2015 09:41 am
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It's taken me a few days to get these latest pictures because it was just too unpleasantly cold and windy outside for me to want to go out and take them until yesterday afternoon. The roofs of the garage and the addition have to tie in to the roof on the existing house, which led to the unhappy discovery that under the still-perfectly-good shingles on the latter, the wood was rotting away. A couple of guys on the construction crew had their feet almost go right through the roof a few times. The upshot is more materials and time to replace the underlying wood roof on the original house before the shingles can go back on. Good part of that is we were planning to have new shingles on the whole business anyway, the bad part is replacing the underlying wood was not an expense we had expected.

And before you say anything, yes, we know that every building/remodeling project has unexpected expenses. I am mostly surprised that a home inspector we hired to tell us if anything major was needed on the structure of the house before we began did not find this problem with the roof when he was up on it and also inside the crawl space in the ceiling.

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The exterior walls for both the addition and the garage are done. The rooms in the addition have basic framing. This morning the trusses went up on both sections of the work. It feels like things are really moving along now!

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You should be able to compare these two shots to the previous entry in order to see how things are now beginning to change fairly quickly (allowing some delays for April showers).

The crawl space was given floor joists, and for a while, the kitties had a lot of fun using it as a jungle gym.

Last seen as a pile of dirt on the west side of the house, the garage floor has become a thick concrete slab.
And now the kitty jungle gym is gone--

More work on the house

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 11:33 am
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The former hole in the ground at the back of the house is now enclosed in various forms of concrete in order to become the crawl space below the addition.

And this will be the garage on the west side of the house. The place where there was a door into the kitchen until our remodel of that room two years ago can be seen from the change in color of the siding, and you can also see where (until yesterday) there was a concrete block chimney for the Franklin woodstove in the living room. That wood stove is going away too when the living room is remodeled later in the overall project. This west wall of the house will be inside the garage.

You may also be able to see my car in the background. I am parking on the front lawn these days to leave room in the paved driveway for the construction vehicles.

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